Administrative Structure




Years of ex

1 Hassan Saleh Ali Al Munif Chairman of the Board 20
2 Ali Abdullah Saleh Al Munif Vice Chairman of the Board 22
3 M / Saleh Hamad Al Munif CEO 6
4 Ashraf Mohammed Hassanein Maher Chief Financial Officer and Managing 21
5 M/ Mohammed Nasser Mohammed Zaher Director of Technical Affairs 6
6 M / Haitham Saleh Abdel Samie Director of civil works and construction sector 6
7 M / Mohammed Salim Abdul Rahman Saleem Director of water networks and sewage sector 4
8 M / Mr. Mohamed Abdel-Fattah Metwally Director of the mechanical business 12
9 M / Ala Refaat Waheed Haikl Director of Design Department 8
10 M / Mohammed Mustafa Elsayed Mustafa Director of the Department of Electrical Works 7
11 Ahmed Mohamed Dessouki Fadl Director of the electronics sector 10

The total number of employees of the institution: 250 workers and employees, all to ensure the institution