About us

About us ?

Hassan Saleh Ali Al Munif Corporation is a leader in field of civil construction and infrastructure institutions (plants and water networks and sewage) as well as high-power plants effort through its participation in many of the study, design and implementation of networks and waterworks and sewer projects regions and cities and different neighborhoods comprehensive civil works and construction and UK business infrastructure networks and electrical and mechanical works and control and electronic business and supply of computer networks and archiving systems and internet networks in open areas and under the supervision of the municipalities and the secretariats. As well as the creation and construction of buildings and villas and warehouses and schools and sale of gas stations – where the institution has the efforts of its team of unique capabilities able to innovation and renewal and keep up with all that is new in the building and construction work.

For other investments, whereupon the institution to own and run several petrol stations in Najran and chain of coffee shops under the name Caldo Cafe. And begin to run retail chain Pandey – as well as the establishment of a number 2 5-star hotel, one in the city of Najran and the other in the city of Jizan. As well as a series of well-known stores in the city of Najran under the name of “network” to trade mobile phones and devices of all kinds of computers and Accessories and spare parts and maintenance, either wholesale or piecemeal.

Organization Details


Ownership of the owner of the establishment

  • Owner : Hassan Saleh Ali Al Munif
  • Nationality: Saudi
  • Civil Registry Number :-4082-0557-1 issued from Najran validity of even date: 01/12/1442 e

The value of equipment and machinery owned

128,436,000 SR


  • Heavy Equipment : 114,000,000 SR
  • Light equipment : 13,522,000 SR
  • Tools : 914,000 SR

Statement of the institutions of the owner

Trade Name

Type of activity

Hassan Saleh Al Foundation branch Munif commercial cr 5950016930 Wholesale and retail trade in industrial tools and number and Marine
Hassan Saleh Al Foundation branch Munif commercial cr 5950008530 Retail trade in electronic devices
Hassan Saleh Al Foundation branch Munif commercial cr 5950014430 Maintenance and cleanliness of medical centers, government buildings
Hassan Saleh Al Foundation branch Munif commercial cr 5950019043 Provide subsistence services cooked and non-cooked
Hassan Saleh Al Foundation branch Munif commercial cr 5950019404 Retail trade in building materials